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LifePath Unlimited has been around since 2006. They are reported to be currently active in over 30 countries, with the US, Australia and the UK being the main area for existing members.

In my opinion and from my my research, LifePath is a personal development company with both physical products as well as top tier live events or seminars, that are all about mind set and personal development.

These live events are generally “all inclusive” of your hotel and meals. I have no problem what so ever with this company or what they are offering, or the rather large price points involved.

Here is a little secret that you might not be aware of. If you are searching online for a business to promote, in the hopes of potentially creating or replacing a full time income, you will need to be re-selling “big ticket” product and/or services somewhere throughout your sales funnel.

Think about it like this: If you were going on an interview for a sales job that offered only 100% commission (no salary) no benefits like health insurance or any traditional stuff like that, and you have to generate all of your own leads, the potential commissions better be high.

Guess what? If the commissions are going to be high, so must the price point of whatever you are selling. This is without question, the biggest mistake new Internet marketers are making right now.

Everyone is running around trying to create a full time income, selling $20 e-books for Mickey Mouse commissions. It will never work.

There’s more… You do need those low end commissions within your sales funnel when marketing online in order to offset the costs that WILL be involved. No real online business will ever be built in a reasonable amount of time, without the use of highly effective PAID advertising. Small products up front will allow you to pay your way to the higher end, what I call “real world commissions.”

I do not believe that this format is automatically and seamlessly in place with LifePath Unlimited, and unless you are already a professional copywriter, web site designer, and have several low end products to sell and deliver, it will be very hard to stay in business long enough to ever sell your big ticket.

LifePath Unlimited seems to be a great company, and I am sure they do offer some great “lead capture pages” as well as a highly effective email follow up system, but it will take just a little more than that.

I do realize they have some nice $20 products and movies for sale, however I have to question the “ready to go” and fully integrated sales funnel for the newbie.

Best of luck in your continued research.

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